My Dreams EP

by Kimberley Newell

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Kimberley Newell’s debut EP ‘My Dreams’ explores growing up and making the most of the world without the distractions that the media put in place. This EP leaves you wanting to celebrate life, celebrate yourself and avoid the materialism and clutter.


released June 2, 2014

Produced by Dirty Dike (High focus Records)
Featuring: Sammy B-side

Recorded and mixed by:
1. My dreams- Inja
2. What do you need? - Ben 9mm
3. Hot like me - Ben siegal
4. I envy the faith- Inja
5. Holiday- Inja

Mastered by:
Martin Merenyi and Inja

Artwork: Alex Mack



all rights reserved


Kimberley Newell UK

Brings a blend of poetic lyrics, soulful melodies with a heavy hip-hop undercurrent.
Captivating a plethora of ears from intimate all female audiences to main stage mayhem at festivals around the UK.
Working with artists such as Dirty Dike from the established High Focus Records as well as Inja and Ben 9mm.
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Track Name: My dreams ft Sammy B-side
The moon is so far away
But we can see it clear
My dreams are in my head
But there nowhere near,
The goal is set
but I'm kicking up
I want to write a beautiful sentence
With a definite full stop
I want to fill a circle
Make people smile
Look back one day
And think it was all worthwhile

I want to take my advice and use it myself
without the barriers
Surrounding like reputation and wealth
I don't want things to be simple,
laid out in a map,
Explained and lectured on how to interact.

Moaning, complaining
Always blaming
I don't wanna be like this
but I'm going insane
and all I can do is write my words
Remember my existence
And the small things that I've learnt

I want to be different
I want people to care
But I'm so fucking tired
I'm slowly not there
I'm sitting back like all the rest
Watching shit on the tele
Cup of tea on my chest
and it goes on and on and on

The moon is so far away
But we can see it clear
My dreams are in my head but they're nowhere near.
Track Name: What do you need?
It's kind of nice being in between
Being conventionalised with the passion to be free
Needing a pillow and a warm cup of tea
But not needing thousandsTo buy D&G
I do my best to shake off being greedy
Being closed to what life really is
If everyone communicated with out jealousy
The world , it would be
It would be bliss

Breath in and out
There is no need to shout

Please sit down and think what do we really need?
We're surrounded by things and drowning in our cluttered greed,
Working every hour we push, we sweat and we bleed,
For the crap we're insisted will help us to succeed.
All our hard earned cash earned to be envied
Living our greedy lives in double speed
And we're told to need, need, need but what do we really need?
I need my mum
I need my music

Some people are content with being tired working all week
Allowing themselves a day to sleep
Recharging there batteries for the day ahead
No time for living
A little for bed
Priority for me a young lady
Earn a bit of money or get a degree
Some time soon have a baby
Then the cycle starts again teaching them how not to be free
No that's not me I'll do it differently
I will live life to the full and I'll try to be silly
Breath in and out
There is no need to shout

So what do you need?
Track Name: Hot like me
I’m gonna take my clothes off
Rub my naked hands up and down my body.
Let my hair down;
Don’t want to look like you,
Gonna appreciate what I have now.
Don’t want to spend my days
Finding ways
To fix my imperfections;
All the magazines and TV screens don’t show a real reflection.

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Wore to much makeup,
Rub my bum on tele,
Open my legs so easily,
No need for talking there is no conversation.
No that’s not me,
I’m gonna be beautiful,
From the inside out,
With loads to talk about.

I’m gonna take my clothes off,
Look at myself up and down in and out the mirror.
Learn to love me,
I’m this it’s bliss I’m happy and I’m healthy.
I don’t wanna spend my days wishing my legs would grow a little longer. I’m gonna spend my days learning things my brain getting stronger.
Track Name: I envy the faith
I envy the faith
The trust in the sky
The place people think they go
When they die

Breathing in and out
I'm sitting here wanting to shout
I understand being still and quiet
Is more pleasure than a raging riot but never will I give away
The passion or lips made to say
No to what's wrong
Ouch to who hurts
From my belly let out angry blurts
I don't need to swear
Or sleep with whom I please
But if I'm safe and sensible why not fulfil my needs
Beauty passion friends and trust
That's not the outcome
To do this not that you must
I'll listen to my own instinct
It's myself that I'll trust


Breathing in and out
I'm sitting here wanting to shout
You live once
You live once so enjoy it
Life isn't simple
I quite like it
It's complicated
I can nearly taste
Work hard
I watch others waste it
It's a puzzle
we're human we can take it
Go out and get life
It's out there and waiting
Stop preying it's frustrating
Be your god
make your own life amazing
Having believe isn't what I'm hating but nothing up there is communicating
Some people find comforts in words
Find meanings from stories
of fruit and birds
Have faith all will be revealed one day
if they sacrifice hours to sit there and prey


Breathing in and out
I'm sitting here wanting to scream
This world isn't what it seems
This is it we are the angels
We put the smiles
on every boy and girl
We cause the pain
We are the devil
And I will keep stepping away from hell
I envy the believe that one day you'll
Live up there with the angels
I envy the believe of happy ever after
When my future looks much darker
But whilst I'm here
I won't be waiting
I won't apologise for my mistakes
And I won't spend my life Living by
The rules made up
By some other guy.
Track Name: Holiday Ft Inja
Run run whenever you can
No need for dreaming
Just jump in your van and
Drive drive wherever you please
See the world
the mountains and trees

Don't fill your head with material things
Feed your brain with imaginary wings
And fly fly all over the place
Make mistakes with a smile on your face

See see all the colourful skies
Magical rainbows seducing your eyes
Or hear hear nothing at all
Except a silent lake or a raging waterfall
Let's go holiday

Take time time time for yourself
A holiday it's good for your health
So relax relax or go fucking mad
It's your time off
From anything bad


Walk walk with sand on your feet
The sun, the sea , breath in the peace
Jump jump jump all around
Shake yourself to a carnival sound



Zoom zoom zoom to the moon
Anything is possible
we'll get there soon
So chase chase chase your spare time
Swallow the stars
And zoom all night